Justin Scott

Justin Scott is a creative business leader and entrepreneur with a special interest in how technology and operational efficiency can inform business strategies and drive results.

He prides himself in his track record of delivering growth, affecting key turn arounds and finding progressive “newcos”. Justin is consistent in his passion for creativity as well as his commitment to prioritising employee engagement and wellbeing. He has built, collaborated and led multifaceted teams to deliver meaningful and award-winning work, for companies like Business Connexion, SandBox, Microsoft, Derivco and locally, FabMags.

Justin brings a global mindset to the roles he plays – his extensive experience of managing multi market processes and international businesses is backed by a cultural empathy that comes from having closely worked teams in London, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Johannesburg, Mexico, Delhi and, Ballito.

Justin is currently the Chief Growth Officer at Captira Analytical LLC, Chairman of FabMags LLC and also holds a seat on the Board of NPO Vision 153.

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